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Sensei John Bryan
Sensei Jane Bryan
John Bryan
The Founder and Chief
Instructor of JBK

Sho dai John Bryan 3rd Dan has been training in martial arts for over 30 years.
He started his karate career at the age of 11 in 1980 based in Derby . He did not
want to do karate at first but was being bullied at school and had no confidence
and low self esteem,  so his mother made him try karate.
He is so glad that she did as it changed his life for ever, and needless to  say the
bullying stopped very soon after he started karate and he became a very
confident and out going child in no time at all.

The karate style that John was first introduced to was Wado Ryu karate a very
traditional style, hard training lots of sweat and discipline.  He trained under some
of Wado Ryu's very top instructors, Harry Bird  5th Dan being one of them and at
the time the highest graded non Japanese instructor in Wado Ryu karate.
Sensei Harry was a hard task master and a Sargent major in the army,  which
meant he got the very best out of all of his students including John.
The training was sometimes harsh, and there was nowhere to hide when it came to
sparring, so it was a case of either getting stuck in or move on.
All of John's gradings were taken by 7th Dan Wado Ryu master Sakagami kuniaki,
and John was also lucky enough to train under 8th Dan master Tatsuo Suzuki  
several  times which was a great honour.

After gaining his first Kyu in Wado Ryu the club he trained with hit hard times and
was dissolved.  John was unable to travel and with no other Wado Ryu clubs in his
area meant he could no longer carry on with his training.  He then went on to try a
variety of Martial  arts and over the next ten years John gained experience in  judo,
jujitsu, kung fu and kickboxing, all of which helped John to build his martial arts  skills
and he really enjoyed this cross training better known as MMA.

John was happy in his training but still missed the traditional training of karate. In
2002 a representative from the local karate club knocked on his door telling him of
a new club in the area. The club was Go Kan Ryu, he had never heard of this style
but was willing to give it a try and see what it was like.  He was very pleased he did
as it was a very similar style  to Wado Ryu karate, and also one of the biggest clubs
in the world with over 60 thousand students training each week.

Go Kan Ryu was made up of two different styles of karate Shotokan and Goju, both
are traditional style's which John soon got to grips with, so much so that after a
short while he was asked by the senior instructor of Derby to join the instructor's
training program, this was a program for students who could learn at a fast rate
and then could go on to instruct for the club.

John really enjoyed this program and after a period of time became a fully
accredited instructor for Go Kan Ryu.  He was teaching  students 3 times a week
and still attending classes for his own personal training.

As an instructor John got to train with the Senior Instructors  within GKR karate,
who included 7th Dan club founder Robert Sullivan , 5th Dan shihan Stacey
Karetsian, and also 7 times GKR kumite world champion Antony Ryan.

John also enjoyed success in the tournament arena himself whilst with GKR. He was
the Midlands kata and kumite champion 6 times, also went on to be a National
kata champion and  a silver medal place in kumite twice at the GKR  Nationals
level.  He also gained a level four accreditation in refereeing and judging for GKR
tournaments which he did for several years.
So with all the knowledge John has gained in martial arts over the years and now a
third Dan him self in 2009,  he decided to  open his  own karate club - JB Karate
Academy, which is fast becoming the number one karate club in Derby and is
going from strength to strength every day. We hope this has given you some insight
 into the man behind JBK and we hope you too may be inspired  to take on the
journey into the world of karate your self .
Jane Bryan
The Senior Kata
Instructor of JBK

Sensei Jane Bryan 2nd Dan has trained under Sho dai for 8 years
both with GKR and JBK.  Jane too had great success in the
tournament arena whilst training with GKR. Jane entered her first
tournament as an 8th kyu and thought she would come nowhere
as there was over 30 people entering in her division.  However
Jane came away with a Gold medal for her kata, which gave
her the confidence and determination to enter yet another

Jane then  went on to win  her next tournament as a 7th kyu
winning double Gold for kata and kumite, and so the trend
carried on for several years.  She then went on to win over 20
Gold medals for kata and kumite at the Midlands Championships.
From this Jane  qualified for the  GKR world cup with over 1500
competitors entering from all over the world, at this time Jane
was a 4kyu and became a GKR kata World Champion taking
home the Gold medal. At the pinnacle of Jane's tournament
career  as a 3Kyu she then went on to be National champion in
kata competing against black belts in her division.  Jane is now
the Senior kata instructor for JBK and part owner, her experience
and high standards are now being passed on to all students of
JBK  so they too may be come Gold Medal winners one day.
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